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Last Update : 2017/06/22

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Question / Issue

I have followed the necessary approach to access my "To do List" but I am unable to access it. Secondly, how can an international student take part in the Texas Entrance Exam. Last of all, where should I upload or send my documents to and by what means ?

Answer / Solution

If you are having difficulty you can paste this link in your browser and it will help you .  You can also call our help desk at 361-570-4399.

If your admissions is approved and you are still needing the TSI requirement then you will need to arrive 2 weeks before first class day to take the exam.

You may email your documents to, if official documents are needed you will be informed on how to submit.  For further information, please contact the international office either by phone 361-570-4106 or email.



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