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Last Update : 2017/07/24

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It's getting really close to the start of classes and my financial aid is not awarded. How do I pay for my tuition, fees, and books while my financial aid is getting processed?

Answer / Solution

If you:

  • Turned in your documentation after the priority handling deadline
  • Just applied for admission or recently submitted the requested documentation, etc…
there may be issues in getting your aid processed before the start of classes due to a high volume of paperwork arriving to be processed.  If the payment deadline is quickly approaching, you may wish to consider an Installment Plan, Tuition and Fee Loan, and/or a Book Loan to get you started until your financial aid application is processed and aid available (dependent upon eligibility). 
If you are eligible for aid, accepted the aid offered, and passed all the disbursement edits, your aid will be sent to the Student Billing Office to first pay your tuition, fees and institutional loan(s) first, then the remainder, if any, will be applied to room and board charges, if applicable.  If a credit balance is available after all charges are paid, the remaining amount will be sent to your Jaguar Card or other refund method you set up previously.
Please Note: If you have “pending” financial aid that is greater than or equal to your tuition and fees, you DO NOT need to apply for a tuition and fee loan or installment plan. Your aid will pay your account automatically.
If you need help getting books before classes start, you can apply for the Book Loan.
For more information, go to the Student Billing website at

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