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Last Update : 2017/07/24

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How Do I Check My Admission Status?

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How to Check Admissions Status:

  1. From the UHV Home Page click on myUHV Online Services,
  2. Select Student Admissions (in the Learner Services box)
  3. Select Application Status
  4. The next screen will convey your admissions status. There will be two possible statuses:
    • Application is complete
    • Application is incomplete

    If you have checked myUHV within a few days of submitting your application (from, the system will show that application is Complete. In this case, it means that the application was received, not that the Office of Admissions has received everything that it needs to admit you.

    If this is true, the Office of Admissions needs to validate the application, which includes verifying that the Office of Admission has received all documents needed to admit them to the University.

    As the Office of Admissions verifies the application, it will then add items to your To Do List as part of processing the application, so the Application may then change to Incomplete.

    You are encouraged to check your Admissions Status regularly, so that you know what items the Office of Admissions needs to complete your application.

  5. If Application Status is Incomplete select View All to Do Items.
  6. Click on each to do list to learn more about the documents that the Office of Admissions is missing. An Item Detail will display. By reading the Description, you'll learn more about the specific documents that the Office of Admissions hasn't received.

If you haven't requested the item from the identified institution, please do so.

As the Office of Admission receives items on your To Do List, the items will be removed from your list. Check your Admissions Status regularly to learn what items the Office of Admissions still needs.

If you have questions about your admissions status or difficulty accessing your status through myUHV, please call Admissions at 361-570-4110 or toll free at 1-877-970-4848.

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