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Question: Is Microsoft Office available to students?
Discount Software 
Question: How can I contact the Student Billing and Card Services Office?
Contact Student Billing 
Question: Do I need to submit additional Financial Aid paperwork? What is the "To-Do List"?
View Outstanding documentation requested by UHV offices. Instructions are available on how to complete and submit the documents 
Question: Can UHV staff or faculty get a copy of Adobe Acrobat to install on their personal laptop or PC?
Discount Software 
Question: How can I contact the Office of Financial Aid?
Contact the Office of Financial Aid 
Question: How can I contact Career Services?
Career Services office location 
Question: How do I know if I am TSI complete?
Question: If I unplug my office phone and plug it into another outlet, will it work?
Phone questions 
Question: What are the office hours for the Registrar and Student Records Office?
Question: I’m having trouble using Microsoft Outlook, are there any tutorials available?
MS Office training and tutorials 

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