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Federal investigation of former students
Last Update :2017/07/24

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Question / Issue

An investigator with a federal agency has asked me for information about a former UHV student. The investigator said he was conducting a routine background investigation because the person has applied for employment with a federal agency. He showed me h

Answer / Solution

It depends.  First, you should make a copy of the signed authorization release and notate the date of the visit and the name of the requesting agent.  If the release appears to be valid, you need to review it to ascertain exactly what type of information is covered in the release.  Information that is not covered in the release should not be given out.  If the requested information is covered by the release, you may then give out the information.  Any information that is released should be done in writing in order to maintain an accurate record of what has been release.  Finally, place copies of the release and all the documentation in the student’s file.

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