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Question: I am employed in the Financial Aid Office at UHV. A local newspaper reporter called and asked me to comment on how our students are reacting to the latest federal regulation requiring payback of student loans. Can I answer the reporter’s questions?
Reporter seeking comments from university personnel 
Question: I am employed in the Admissions Office at UHV. A local newspaper reporter calls to ask me questions about the university’s admissions policy. Can I answer the reporter’s questions?
Reporter requests information on university's admissions policy 
Question: In response to an open records request, I am in the process of reviewing documentation in my office files, and I have discovered some relevant documents that should have already been destroyed. May I go ahead and destroy these records?
Open Records Request for information past retention date 
Question: I am considering running for a local government office. Can I run as an independent?
Running for governmental office. 
Question: I am a faculty member with expertise on educational policy and curriculum. A news program has called and asked for my opinion on the impact of new education legislation. Can I respond to the news reporter?
News reporter seeking opinions of new education legislature. 
Question: Do I have to make the information generated from my sponsored project available to the public?
Disclosing Sponsored Project Result Information 
Question: Someone asked me for contact information for all College of Business majors so they can send them a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Can I use my access to the student records system to provide this information?
Request for Student Information for specific majors 
Question: I received a phone call from a friend who asked me for copies of documents that we keep on file in our office. Should I make the copies and send them?
A request for university information 
Question: I received a phone call from an individual requesting to look at the latest university budget. Can I provide a copy to them?
Univeristy budget information request 
Question: If my research project includes asking my students about their opinions and experiences via a questionnaire or interview, do I have to go through the application process of the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects?
Guide on Obtaining Research Information from Human Subjects 

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